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Pledge to Keep Our Soils Free from Plastic Pollution

Are you a compost processor or hauler? Do you oversee compost programs in your community? We need you to pledge to keep plastic products out of your compost programs and facilities. 

Food waste composting is in its infancy in the US but the coming wave of new programs is looking to you to provide the best model of how to move forward.

We're asking you to set the right example and keep plastic-coated paper products out of your programs and facilities. Be clear and say no to these materials on your guidelines and educational materials, and help us keep our soils free of plastic pollution.  

See our map of which facilities and programs are taking action and see who's signed our pledge

Join us in pledging to keep our soils free from plastic pollution. As a compost program or facility, I will:


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Companies that Have Taken the Pledge to Keep Plastic-Coated Paper Products Out of Compost Guidelines and Bins

Alpine Waste & Recycling


Boulder County


Clean Air Lawn Care & Compost

Gallegos Sanitation

Green Girl Recycling

Keep Magnolia Clean
SET Processing Solutions, Inc.
University of California, Santa Cruz - Zero Waste Team  

Waste Not Recycling







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