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Hard-to-Recycle Round-Up Events in Boulder County

Materials collected during hard-to-recycle events cannot be left at drop-off centers other than the CHaRM at any other time. The CHaRM facility in Boulder is open to all residents and businesses, regardless of origin, so if you can't make the next hard-to-recycle roundup or you need to recycle any of these materials throughout the year, you are always welcome to do so at the CHaRM.

Click here for fees and all the items accepted at CHaRM Hard-to-Recycle Events

2016 Events


  • Saturday, April 16th, 9 am - 1 pm
  • Eldorado K-8 School, 3351 S Indiana St, Superior, CO 80027


  • Saturday, March 26th, 2016 round-up has been cancelled due to weather.

  • June 18th, September 10th, 9 am - 1 pm

  • Longmont Waste Diversion Center, 140 Martin Street

  • Call Eco-Cycle at 303-772-7300 for more information.

Contact Dan Matsch at dan@ecocycle.org for more information.


Eco-Cycle works with Green Star Business (GSB) Network members to provide expert resource conservation consulting, training and promotion. Network members work with each other to provide peer-to-peer support and best practices. Join our community!

Member Benefits

  • 2 Staff Trainings Per Year

  • Basic Sustainability Concierge Services

  • Tour of Boulder County Recycling Center

  • Signage Provided for Zero Waste Bin Systems

  • Green Star Business Window Decal

  • Regular Social Media Posts Made to Highlight Individual GSB Members

  • Company Name Featured on the Eco-Cycle Website

  • GSB Logo Provided For Use in Marketing Materials and Website

  • Social Media Announcements and templates provided for member use

  • Best Practices Learned from Like-Minded Businesses in the Network

  • Monthly Mixers and Tours

Each member can customize their service according to their individual needs with our sustainability à la carte services.











Want to join our network? Contact Kate Christian, Sustainability Coordinator for Commercial Support Services at katec@ecocycle.org or 303-444-6634 ext. 138.