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Be Straw Free

Be Straw Free Campaign: News and Press

“Here’s the thing: this planet’s not a place that kids will inherit at some point, far off in the distant future. We live here right now, and we share this planet already.”
- Milo Cress

Since 2011, I have had the privilege of speaking at schools, organizations, conferences, and seminars, as well as to political and community leaders and citizens, across the country and around the globe about Be Straw Free. I interview with blogs, newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs and have been featured in documentaries and books.

I am especially interested in speaking to groups of kids about how they can find and get involved with projects and issues that interest them. I am often contacted by students who research my project for school, which I really enjoy and appreciate. If you would like to reach out to me, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email at Milo@BeStrawFree.org. Please note, due to my busy school schedule, I don’t get to my email every day, but I do answer all emails sent to me.

International Speaking Tours: I have been honored to speak to tens of thousands of students in Australia, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, and England, about my Be Straw Free Project. I also encourage kids to take personal and collective action in their communities.

Watch my interview on the Be Straw Free campaign, picked up by CNN in March 2011

Some of the interesting moments of Be Straw Free in the News and Press

2011-Present: Milo continues to accept speaking engagements at schools, conferences, events, etc.

2018WPTZ does terrific follow-on interview with Milo as straw reduction movement picks up worldwide.

Front page Wall Street Journal

2017:Washington Post

September 2013: Sponsored by Rep. Polis (CO), Milo gives Congressional Briefing on Capitol Hill.

September 2013: Milo begins the second leg of his International Speaking Tour to Washington, DC and several European countries beginning September 2013

August 2013: Milo featured in Colorado Parent magazine

July 2013: Colorado governor declares statewide Straw Free Day. Read the proclamation

May 2013: Colorado State Legislature passes House Resolution recognizing the Offer-first Policy as a Best Practice statewide. 

May 2013: Milo's Be Straw Free campaign is featured in Green Lodging News

April 2013: Milo completes the first leg of International Speaking Tour to Australia where he spoke at schools and events in Australia. The Mayor of Manly officially declares Offer First a best practice city-wide

Earth Day 2013: Milo partners with Xanterra to launch Be Straw Free at all their National Park properties

November 2012: Ted's Montana Grill signs a pledge of support for the Be Straw Free campaign

November 2012: Milo speaks at national People Profits Planet Conference in Texas

October 2012: Milo speaks at Colorado Ocean Coalition Conference

July 2012: Milo's campaign is featured in Christian Science Monitor

July 2012: Be Straw Free joins with Eco-Cycle

June 2012: Milo speaks at the LOHAS conference in Boulder, CO.

April 2012: Milo initiates, helps organize and lead One Ton Beach Cleanup over Earth Day weekend, along with the Center for Coastal Studies of Cape Cod in Provincetown, MA.

December 2011: Milo is invited back to speak at Boston University, this time sharing the stage with well-known environmental researcher Cpt. Charles Moore. 

Milo speaking to Governor Shumlin at Vermont State House, age 9, February 9, 2011.

September 2011: Milo wins Everyday Young Hero Award from Youth Service America (YSA) for his efforts with Be Straw Free.

September 2011: Milo is featuredon CNN's "Big I" program with Randi Kaye discussing project and  his own design for a straw-free lid for to-go cups.

August 2011: Milo speaks at Boston University 

August 2011: Milo interviews with Elizabeth Hopkins broadcast live on Fox 25 in Boston 

July 2011: Milo receives letters of congratulations from Congressman Peter Welch and Senator Bernie Sanders, and meets the entire VT Congressional Delegation in Washington, DC.

Milo testifies before Vermont House Legislature, at age 9, February 9, 2011.

May 2011: Milo meets with Mayor Bob Kiss of Burlington, VT. Mayor Kiss becomes the first mayor in the US to issue a public proclamation declaring offering straws a best practice citywide. See the Be Straw Free proclamation

May 2011: Letter to Milo from Senator Sanders: "I believe that small individual steps like this one are a critically important part of keeping our environment healthy for future generations to enjoy... I look forward to meeting you in July in my Washington, DC office." 

April 2011: NECN News Broadcast and National Restaurant Association Press Release 

April 2011: National Restaurant Association Recognizes Milo for his suggestion that restaurants offer straws to patrons instead of putting a straw in every drink. Chris Moyer, the Program Manager of the Conserve Initiative (of the National Restaurant Association) said, "I could not agree more with Milo that offering straws to guests instead of automatically giving them one is a quick and easy way restaurants can help reduce waste and conserve natural resources, as well as save money on supply purchases."